About Us

Continuity for Success

G W Jackson & Son Ltd was established in 1945 in response to the need for a local supplier of office machines and maintenance, and, although the name of the company and technology have evolved, Jackson Office Products has maintained that sense of family and loyalty in the business ever since.

Jacksons Office Products is constantly updating its product and service knowledge. Its large Coventry-based showroom is stocked with digital photocopiers and printers, both new and used, where their many features and benefits can be demonstrated to customers. Also on display are a

range of office furniture, ergonomic seating and many stationery and office supplies products.  As part of its plans for future success and growth, without breaking with its traditional values, Jacksons Office Products has recently acquired TOMS Office Technology and incorporated the business and staff into the Jacksons company. TOMS is also a local family-owned and run business that has planned for its future and searched for a like-minded local company to take great care of its business and precious customers in the years to come.

Our Promise

The directors and staff take pride in continuing the Jacksons’ reason for starting the business all those years ago: to provide a high quality, professional service.  We genuinely believe, and regularly prove, that satisfied customers are our future.  Jacksons Office Products‘ friendly staff offer a wealth of experience and will always ensure our customers receive a personal and dedicated service.  In an ever changing market place, we make it our business to strive for excellence in product knowledge and service and offer true value for money.

Why should you work with us?

Jacksons is an entirely independent supplier of officeprinting and copying equipment and all manner of stationery and office furniture solutions.  The partnership between Jacksons and TOMS allows customers the opportunity to buy office supplies from one or the other. Both companies operate from the Coventry location and each company’s employees work side by side utilising the latest systems.  By merging the two companies the biggest benefit has been the ability to reinforce relationships with both sets of clients and save them time and money
by consolidating to one location, rather than two. We are able to choose from the finest products, including printers, copiers, multifunctional devices, scanners and software solutions from some of the world’s leading manufacturers and our stationery products from the leading suppliers in the UK.

Our Customers Matter

When Jacksons and TOMS decided to merge it was on the understanding that Jacksons would look after TOMS’ customers and ensure they continued to receive the best possible service and support for their copying and printing equipment and on-going stationery requirements.
As Jacksons runs a very similar business, offering a strong range and a like-minded way of doing business, it was without question that Jacksons committed to fully honour that request.  Jacksons has always found that a long-lasting partnership, with its customers, depends upon a
strong foundation made up of :

• Empathy, intuition and a clear understanding of
the customer’s specific needs.
• Improving a customer’s output productivity,
efficiency and quality.
• Being able to deliver the right support and service
at all times.
• Endeavouring to save customers money.